Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rajasthani and Irish Language

Please compare the history of Irish language with our mother tongue Rajasthani.
Following is written in Wikipedia about Irish language :

"From the eighteenth century the language went into a decline, rapidly losing ground to English due in part to restrictions dictated by British rule - a conspicuous example of the process known by linguists as language shift।[16] In the mid-nineteenth century it lost a large portion of its speakers to death and emigration resulting from poverty, particularly in the wake of the Great Famine (1845–1849)."

Now we can note some similarities:

1) Official work/Schooling in Rajasthan is not allowed in Rajasthani language
. So, we are forced to use Hindi.

2) If you get a degree in Rajasthani, you will get no job. 
Means, Rajasthani speakers will remain poor।

3) It took 100-150 years to wipe out Irish language completely. So, after 30-40 years there will be very few Rajasthani speakers. Unfortunately, we already lost our mahajani script in last sixty years.

Can we learn something from History ?

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